‘Multitasking excellence’ ‘The EP really shines’ – Nightshift Magazine

‘Strange but lovely. I really like what they do – always worth listening closely to’ – BBC Introducing

‘One of my favourite songs by local artists this year’. Dave Gilyeat on ‘Half Light’, BBC Oxford


Experimental pop duo mishmashing pop, jazz, prog and electronics to bring you ‘strange but lovely’ songs.

Limpet Space Race formed in December 2017 with Niko O’Brien on percussion/guitar/electronics/clarinet and Hannah ‘Jakes’ Jacobs on vocals/keys/guitar/various bits and bobs.

Niko and Jakes experiment with homemade instruments and electronics, math pop and prog influences, and have even built a spinning surround sound system. They like to keep things live, not using loops or drums machines, and just having fun with how much noise two people can make. They released a demo EP, Cartograffiti, in August 2018 with Oxford label Upcycled Sounds Records.

They currently live in Oxford running a recording studio doing sound for music, film and documentaries round the world. They love their local scene and are at the heart of way too many projects: a 3 day music festival, record label, new music venue and gig series, and an international music exchange programme.

If the music thing doesn’t work out, Plan B is to get a limpet into space.

For fans of Joan as Policewoman, Joni Mitchell, Jon Hopkins, Becca Stevens, Jordan Rakei, Bibio, Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Juana Molina and Dirty Projectors.